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veys.On the l▓ack of protection for health rights ▓among racial ▓minority women, the ▓article said the▓ mortality rates


opposition from the Chi▓n

of racial min▓ority women▓ during childbirth o▓r shortly after delivery are h▓igher than those of white women in the United States▓.The article also sai

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  • irs and seriously violating international law and▓
  • basic norms go▓verning int▓ernational relations, sai▓
  • d Yang.Chi▓na has stat▓ed its solemn pos▓ition to the U
  • .S. side ov▓er the matter.Yan▓g stressed that Hong Kong affa
  • irs are purely China'▓s internal affa▓irs that b▓rook

no interfere▓nce from any exte

d U.S. women face serious problem▓s of sexual harassm▓ent and sexual assault on campus and in workplace."The ▓serio

rnal force

us problem of gender discrimination in the United States severely hinders▓ the realiza▓tion of

. China is firml▓y

women's human rights, exa▓cerbates so▓cial inequal▓ity in the country and hinders the ▓developm

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ent of the internatio▓nal human rights cause," said the article.The serio▓us problem ▓of gender ?/p>

safeguarding nati

坉iscrimination in t▓he United States ste▓ms from profo▓und and multi-face▓ted reasons. Thes▓e includ

onal sovere

e the historical traditi▓on of gender discrimination, th▓e patriarchal culture, and particularly

ignty, ▓s

, drawbacks▓ of the U.S. social system,▓ which constitute fundamental hindrances to the eliminat

ecurity and

ion of gender discrimination in the United States, said the ▓article.It also highlighted ▓that, for years, the Uni

development int?/h3>

▓ted States has been practicing "double standards" on human rights issues, using hum▓an rights just as a tool to maintain ▓world hegemony, ▓criticize other cou▓ntries and interfere in other ▓countries' intern

al affairs, while ▓neglecting its ow▓n serious human righ▓ts issues.What the U▓nited States has done runs counter to the values and ob▓jectives regarding human rights,▓ said the ar▓ticle, adding that▓ the United S▓tates has incre▓asingly become a "di▓stur

ber" and a "troublemaker" in the intern▓ational human rights field and has se▓riously jeop▓ardized the healthy development of the inter▓national human ri▓ghts ca

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de to ▓gras

e Foreign ▓Minister Zheng Zeguang on Monday summoned U.S. ▓Ambassador to China Terry Branstad to lodge stern repre

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  • s.Any U.S. plot to use Hong Ko
  • ng to interfere
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  • w us on WechatThe China
  • Society for Hum▓an Rights Studies T
  • uesday issu▓ed an article titled
  •  "The Long-Stan
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  • din▓g Issue of Gender Discrim
  • i▓nation in the Unite▓d States Serio
  • usly ▓Hinders the Realiz▓ation of Women'
  • ▓s Human Rights within th
  • e Count▓ry."China releases art▓icle
  • exposing serio▓us gender ▓discri
  • mination in U.

S.China releases a

sentations ▓and strong protest aga▓inst both the House ▓of the Representatives and Senate passing of the so-called

rticle ex▓p
osing seriou
s gender discrim
ination in


Hong Kong ▓Human Rights and Democra▓cy Act of 2019.China summons U.S. ambassado▓r to lodge represent▓ations, protes?/p>

ates."Gender▓ d

坱 against Congress passing of HK-related actChina summons U▓.S. ambassador to lodge rep▓resentations, protest again

iscrimination is a grave p▓roblem in U▓.S. society," th▓e article said, add▓ing that U▓.S. women suffer long-term, systematic, exte▓nsive,
and sy▓stemi
c discrimination both
publicly and secretly, mainly involving e▓conomic gender inequ▓ality, seriou▓s violent offenses against women and lack of p▓rotection for
 health right
s ▓among racial minorit
y women."The United States is the most economically developed▓ country in t▓he world, but i▓t fails to effectively protect women's econ
▓omic right▓
s within the coun▓try,"

said t▓he arti

st Congress passing▓ of HK-related act11-26-2019 11:2▓7 BJTBEIJING, Nov. 26 -- Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Zheng

cle. "As such, U

.S. women face ▓serious d
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